Monday, 11 June 2012

Blimey that's a big wash bag you've got there

I hope you all had a jolly jubilee even if it was slightly soggy. I managed to knock out some jubilee/Olympic themed goodies before the long weekend.

hair band

shopping tote
But I was actually lucky enough to go away for the weekend with just my husband as a 40th birthday treat. It meant that we missed the big parade that my children were in but in fact they loved going with my mum. Andrew and I went up to the Lake District to a hotel that we have stayed in twice before, in the years prior to children when we could just pop away for the weekend without a worry. Do you remember those days?

As I get older one of the many things that i have noticed, is that the amounts of creams and potions that i have to just twice daily gets bigger and bigger. My little wash bag is just not big enough and I can never find one that is. So, as I was packing, I looked through my fabrics and found some Cath Kidston oil cloth that I bought years ago in Bicester. Not only that but i had a matching zip in my stash. So less than twenty minutes later I had a new wash bag. Marvellous. AS it is just for me I didn't line it and as it is oil cloth I knew that really the lining is only for aesthetic purposes. Do you know what, it isn't brilliant on the design front but it blooming well does the trick and it is huge.

just a few of the bits i need to take

nice flat bottom to give depth

The few things that I have pictured above, only really touch the surface of what I packed but as you can see from the next picture there was still a lot of space left.

I have two craft fairs coming up over the next couple of weeks so I am going to be busy busy and I definitely think I will be putting a few of these on my stand. They will have more care attention paid to their design though and of course will be lined. However I am thrilled and it proves the point that simple is the best.

How was your Jubilee?


  1. I am in the middle of craft fair making too. Too many ideas and not enough hours in the day! Hope your washbags sell really well :-)

    1. Yep my creative brain has gone a little bit bonkers over the last few days. Just hoping this blooming rain will stop. good luck with yours x

  2. I think that craft fair fever is definitely in the air!
    Have you been asked about public liability insurance to have a stand. I was asked to take part in a charity event but had to decline as I did not have this special piece of paper. As with all insurance it appears to be a bit of a minefield. I do not do many a year so I do not want to fork out £'s. Any ideas? I have googled it to within an inch of my life and such vague info as well.

    1. it is ringing vague bells in my head from previous craft fairs. But i haven't done one for so long. I will see what i can find out. I certainly haven't been asked to provide one x

  3. Hello thnks for dropping by my blog. I would love to do a craft fair and me and my pal discuss it often, eat cake and then do absolutely nothing about it :) We really must be more organised.
    Good luck

    1. I havent done a craft fair in years and am slightly nervous that I am making lots of goodies that I won't sell. thanks for popping by x


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