Monday, 25 October 2010

Still no sewing but....

The sewing for the ladies night is not going too well.  Well actually it is not going at all, but i am sure as ever it will all come together in a last minute panic.  I will not be making thousands of bags to sell on the night but more of a selection of styles.  In the past i have found that people generally go "oo yes i really like that but could i have ........." So i think a couple of new styles will suffice.

I went to my first art lecture on Friday night at the gallery and i will be blogging about that soon over here.  It will be a new style of blogging for me.  Rather than just prattling on about life and stuff, the writing will have structure and may even be planned.  Yes please do not fall down in shock!

So i may not have been sewing, or writing and definitely not cleaning but i or should i say we have been walking.

This was the view, or rather part of it, from the top of the tree top path at salcey forest.  Absolutely stunning and if you live within easy driving distance of Northampton it is well worth a visit.  The tea rooms are gorgeous and the walks and scenery breathtaking.

Friday, 22 October 2010

One of those days.

Have you ever had one of those days when simply getting to the end of it seems even too big a task for Bruce Willis?   For me to wake up in a completely good mood is rare. I like to think that I am a happy, smiley type of person most of the time but it does take a fair amount of caffeine to get me into that state.  But for once, yesterday i woke up smiling.  It was obviously a bad omen. I have to get up early on Wednesdays to load my car for work prior to the school run.  It is also my delivery day for Weight Watchers. So, car loaded, marvellous, coffee made, FANTASTIC. Youngest still asleep? slight timing problem but not a major deal.  WW man arrives with more boxes than will fit in my garage so that  by 7.30am my living room is like a scene from Starsky and Hutch.

 In between all of this, I have nipped upstairs to shout at sleeping beauty and turn computer on. Not only am i working today but i have work to do for the gallery in time for a presentation tomorrow. Then the fun really and TRULY begins

After not so gently reminding my daughter that she has school, i went to check my emails.  Computer frozen completely.  Not to worry i thought, i will just reboot and come back.  The next time i came in the computer was working but the screen looked like an Andy Warhol work of art. So i wracked my brain for every last vestige of technical know how, and put it into action by hitting the computer and turning it off and on three million times.  STILL NOTHING. Now after three years of regular yoga practise one would think that i would be able to draw in deeply, take a few cleansing breathes and radiate calm.  Unfortunately for a  taurean red head, calmness is not a thing that comes naturally and i think that it will be many more years of yoga practise before it does.

Not only did i have figures to get in for WW but also a presentation looming the next day at the gallery.  With Andrew in Saudi Arabia i had no access to a laptop.  SO i did what i do best in any stressful situation, I overreacted, got tearful and shouted a lot - mainly at Andrew because even in Saudi i am sure it was all his fault!

Sometimes when a day starts off so badly, it is best just to go back to bed, obviously i couldn't. So after getting flashed for speeding (not flashed in the mac sense!!) tipping boiling water down my leg, losing a helper at my meeting, I was ready to climb into bed never to be seen again.  However, I managed to make it to my yoga class in the evening and sanity was restored.

As for the presentation at the gallery, I got through it with no notes of any kind.  Lets just say  it is a good job i have a big smile.  How has your week been?

I started this post two days but one of those days ended up turning into one of those weeks.......(i have new computer though)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

inspiration hunt

Well, November 12th is looming and although i have got the facebook page up and running for the gallery I am seriously falling behind on getting stuff ready for the ladies evening.  So, after looking through my collection of bag handles, i found this one.
I think i may have won it in a competition run by the lovely Lisa some time ago.  Anyway this is what i will be using, and now i am just wondering about whether to use pleats, how big (it will be an evening bag) and whether i will have time to make a tester bag first.

For now i am off to Zumba, i have heard so much about it but have never tried it.  If you do not hear from me for a while it is because i am collapsed in a heap in a corner somewhere!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

yes i did go to the ball

This is the official photo that was taken and it looks like i am about to fall over.  There is a photo of the dress that i wore which i will get from hubby's i-phone at some point.  I wore a green velvet dress, absolutely beautiful.  It was my mother-in-laws and she wore it for her 18th birthday.  50 years old and in perfect condition.

The bag in the previous post looked beautiful particularly with the silver chain.  Unfortunately we were so late getting ready, and then too busy drinking wine we forgot to take photos

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Gallery Glory

Wow have i had an exciting day today. I mentioned previously that the  local gallery are holding a Ladies Evening and i will be showing off some evening bags that i have made, including this one that i made a long time ago.  Well my sister in law - a hugely talented lady called Naomi - holds art talks at the gallery and i was thinking about publicity.  This in turn got me thinking about a blog for the gallery, facebook page etc.

As of today, I am now officially in charge of all emarketing for the gallery, including setting up and writing the blog.  This will include interviews with the founders, local artists etc. The gallery itself is in a hugely historical building in the heart of the village so my research will include some interesting facts.  I invested in a picture from the gallery about a month ago and some of the works they have are just amazing.  For example, who knew that Timmy Mallett was such a good artist

I am so excited so watch this space for all details of this fantastic opportunity that somehow i have talked myself into.

As you know i am a huge fan of yoga and not just the physical side but its spiritual importance. So often in life we follow the expectations of others as opposed to following and believeing in our own dreams.  I have been hugely guilty of that in the past.  By being proud of yourself and your own capabilities and talents (my talent is being gobby!) and following your own dreams, then happiness will follow.  It is better to live your own life imperfectly than live the life of someone else perfectly. (paraphrasing The Bhagavad Gita)

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Singer for the girls

just have to show you a little treasure that came into my posession when my mother in law had a clear out during the summer.  How lovely is this.....

Monday, 11 October 2010

The finished Bag

The Ball is on Saturday, my lovely vintage frock is hanging waiting to be worn, hair appointment booked and the bag is finished!!  Woo hoo.  i love bags made using bag frames, but the fear when it comes to the gluing part is pretty immense.  It can all go hideously wrong at that point and somehow having made the bag out of silk made the process a lot worse.

But i took my time, and limited the caffeine intake and i am really pleased with the result.

The beading is not particularly intricate but i wanted a simple pretty pattern.  I wanted some beading to break up the blackness but not to detract away from the stunning bag clasp.

The photos are not brilliant as i am having severe problems taking good photos at the moment.  Maybe i should hand the photography side of it over to my 7 year old son who managed to make a working radio at the weekend!

I have made the bag very padded to give it some structure.  The green lining is an incredibly thin satin fabric but i loved the colour and i like the shine and the feel of it.  So to add bulk i used heavy interlining for both the outer fabric and the lining.  I have also added darts at the bottom to give it a more rounded shape.  I am pleased with the shape so the pattern will definitely be added to my stash to be used again.

Off to prepare my meetings for work but let me know what you think about the bag.  Happy Monday

Friday, 8 October 2010

part red-head, part magpie

Sometimes, you stumble upon a shop and you walk in and it is love at first sight.  Craftability was a little shop in the local garden centre and a place that i used to frequent to get my beads etc.  The only other local place is hobbeycraft and although it has it's place, it is to haberdashery what Tescos is to food shopping.  Then Craftability disappeared, and although i had more money in my purse I was very sad.  After googling them, to my joy i found that they were still in existence and only up the road in Fenny Stratford.  As my folksy shop is now up and running i decided to go and have a look and am i glad i did, because i stumbled upon a little peice of magic; Threads and Patches. Unfortunately they do not have a photo of the outside of the shop on their website.

It is a fairly old building, as most of the roadside buildings are in Fenny Stratford, and the character is maintained throughout the shop or should i say shops.  Inside there are about four or five little businesses running, all of them based around the crafting.  In one room, there were 8 or so people busy at sewing machines around a large table, it looked like a patchwork workshop.  The fabric shop was lovely.  No Amy Butler or Martin Miller but lots of pretty cloth.  Round the corner was a huge wool store, up the stairs were lots of different card shops, scrap booking and then lastly Craftability.  This is not to mention,the other large rooms for workshops and BEST OF ALL, a little tea room, where you help yourself to a cuppa and then sit and keep yourself busy with your purchases.

I will not be exaggerating to say that i was shaking slightly as i left.

It has been an exciting week.  Not only is the bag finished, my folksy shop is up and running and to top it all off a new proposition has come from the local gallery.  So watch this space.

I have a busy evening ahead of me, with all of my purchases from today, including a big bag of purple buttons.  I have decided that i must be part red head, part magpie.

Have a lovely weekend people xx

Thursday, 7 October 2010


It was just too green.  Still thinking of a banner but much happier with the reduced greenness.  what do you think?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Daisy Delight

Well the gorgeous bag frame arrived today from Lisa this morning.  So much better than in the picture. I have drawn the pattern, even dug out my protractor to work out angles for the darts at the bottom.  Whilst digging out the protractor i also found lots of lovely beads so may also make some more jewellery and stock up my folksy shop again. I made this necklace whilst watching Downtown Abbey on Sunday night?  Does anybody watch it?  I am very much in love with Hugh Bonneville.  Am i alone in this infatuation?

I was sensible today and tried out the bag pattern on some spare fabric to make sure it works.  It does, so will summon up the courage to cut the silk.  I have decided to hand sew some beading onto the black silk to add a touch more bling.  So i am also being reasonably wise and testing some patterns on scrap fabric.  The Ladies night at the gallery is on th 12th November.  No pressure then!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Workshop worry

I came to the decision today that i will take part in the Ladies Night at the local gallery but not hold a handbag making workshop.  Although it was a fantastic idea and i was blown away by the proposition, I am not experienced enough to answer peoples' questions or try and solve their sewing problems.  I can get round mine with lots of swearing, unpicking, more swearing and lots of coffee.  i am assuming people will not pay to come and see this.  I feel a big sense of relief since making this decision and can now concentrate on the Ladies night  in November.  I am going to focus on evening bags.  I enjoy the design process behind these, the glam and individuality of them and hopefully it is the right time of year for the orders to come in.

So, in what has been an emotional roller coaster of a day, for lots of other reasons, at least two decisions have been made.  Also, I found a gorgeous bead last night so turned it into a ring.  Pretty hey?