Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year

I am getting ready for a big party this afternoon.  Like other parents my days of going out until 4 in the morning have been put on hold for a few years.  But we are having a  house full this afternoon including at least 12 children. Yes i am silently screaming.  But, i did find some time to do a spot of sewing or rather cutting yesterday.

If you remember i bought a corset making kit from the fabulous Julia at sewcurvy.  I meant to take a lovely picture of the  wrapping and all the loveliness within, basically though i was just too anxious to get into it so completely forgot about the photo taking.

The kit itself has everything you need and it looks a quite daunting project.  As Julia said though it is just a lot of straight lines.  my worry is that i will rush everything or be less accurate than is called for. (I am well aware of my own downfalls believe me)

So, I have read the FAQs in the kit at least three times.  I let go of ego when i did the measurements (and luckily there is an FAQ for that as well)  After losing a lot of weight i now generally buy a 12 or a size 10 if the shop is being nice to me.  However in the corset measurements, my measurements are for a size 14.  Now i know this doesn't matter in the slightest but i had to resist the temptation to make a size 12. Actually my waist falls between the two so i will go for the bigger and then shout for Julia's help at the end if needed.

In the FAQ's it has a fantastic bit from a size 8 lady who is having to cut herself out a size 12.  This made me feel better.

So i cut out the pattern pieces, pinned to the fabric, chalked round and CAREFULLY cut out. Writing on the wrong side the pattern number and the correct way up.  I am also planning to faintly draw in sewing lines.  I am very excited by this project though.  The female form in all its shape and sizes is after all a beautiful thing and should be celebrated.

See you in 2011.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Whoop Whoop

Really pleased to say i had a creative urge today and managed to make a couple of things for my folksy shop.  I am a bit sad to sell the bracelet as i absolutely love it and it would go brilliantly with a dress i have just bought in the sales.  Hey Ho

Have any of you managed to be creative over the Xmas Period

Martha has also got the creative bug this holiday and has completed her first bit of sewing.  I only helped slightly with threading the needle. She is over the moon.

My next plan is to start with the corset making.  I can definitely say that after CHristmas i need all the help i can get in the waist department.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Better late than never

This is the present i made for my sister in law Naomi.  It is a wrist cuff.  I only had time to take a quick photo so it isn't the best and it would have been nice to have taken one with Naomi wearing it but time was short and Christmas day itself very hectic.

The large fabric flower was a huge joy to make, very easy and i think hugely effective.  It is sewn onto a velvet fabric piece. At the moment it is a simple Velcro fastening as i was unsure of her wrist size but in future i will do fabric covered buttons and maybe one or two fastening widths to choose from.  SO tell me what do you think?

It really suits her style and is a fantastic way to use up old fabric bits.  I am thinking of making some for my shop.

Happy New year

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Pre CHristmas Promise

Where has the time come.  This is a ridiculously short post to basically say i have bag photos, new wrist cuff photos and corset pack photos to show.  They will be on today.  Honest.  There it is in writing i have to do it now.

Happy Christmas eve eve

Monday, 6 December 2010

Corset Crazy

I have finally done it.  After months of talking about buying a corset, or trying to make one. I have got my act in gear and bought a kit from the lovely Julia's website I want one to wear as outer wear so I have gone for the under the bust kind.  I am a big fan of the Puppini sisters and it is that look i am going for.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Baby its cold out there

So far, and i say so far as who knows what tomorrow's weather will bring, we have been let off pretty lightly with the snow.  It is ridiculously cold but the roads are reasonably clear and the schools are open.  My job as a weight watchers leader has not been too nice loading and unloading the car in sub zero temperatures but not the end of the world. But massive sympathies to those of you that are really suffering in this extreme weather.
It is December, Christmas is upon us and it is the time of advent calendars.  Hubby bought me a gorgeous one from Hotel Chocolat and the children have got their normal chocolate ones.  But after reading over at ALi's blog i followed suit and bought the family the Eric Carle's dream snow advent calender.  It really is just so beautiful and is a Christmas decoration in itself.

The photos are not brilliant as it is dark out there today

The children are more excited about this one than their chocolate ones. Well maybe the same... Each day opens to reveal a new decoration to put on the tree.  Truly beautiful

I have got new boots to tackle the school run in the snow and the ice and i absolutely love them.  They are wellies believe it or not.

They are fantastic for work because with leggings they look just like normal boots but have the added sturdiness and necessary water proof nature of wellies.  Love them!!

Although work has got busy, taking on a new meeting and changing a couple over, I have actually managed to cut the fabric out for Martha's apron.  I was meant to be going out today to buy other bits and pieces to make it but the weather made me re-think that decision!.

Finally, I had a lovely present from helpers at a meeting i ran up until Tuesday as a goodbye gift.  Lovely flowers and they really brighten up the kitchen in this dull weather.

What have you been up to?