Sunday, 12 February 2012

From a simple stitch

I was fortunate enough to meet the lovely Julia last week at Carluccio's in Bicester. How decadent eating brunch over coffee, midweek, whilst talking sewing. It would seem that our passion and technical know how for sewing increased after finding the wonderous blog written by the incredibly talented and now blooming mum to be Lisa Lam. I wonder how many careers / sewing enthusiasts Lisa has created?

Before I stumbled upon her blog, looking for frames to house my knitted bags and instructions on how to better them, the only thing i had ever sewed with a machine was a few cushion covers and an ill fitting pair of pyjamas. In fact at school I rejected sewing and cookery in favour of metalwork and woodwork; a rebellious act that turned out to be a tad futile. Although the teapot stand i made stood the test of time, I leave the sanding of wood to experts and much prefer perfecting a lemon drizzle cake or choosing fabric for purse-frames.

Metal bag frames, leather straps and any kind of bling for a bag are my weakness. I quickly found that they could take my meagre efforts and turn them into something professional looking. The joy of seeing a finished glasses case is still incredible.

Getting over my fear of zips was also a big stepping stone and the power of Lisa Lam and the other helpful blogs littered around cyber space are a bottomless pit of knowledge. I even summoned up the courage to make my own overnight bag last year when i was fortunate enough to go to Claridges for the weekend with Andrew. It was hilarious seeing the doorman grab my bag which stood out with it's delicious primary spottiness against a drab background of Louis Vuitton designer blandness. I am sure he enjoyed the pleasure as much as it made me giggle. Once again Lisa was to the rescue with her patterns and know-how.

All of this help over the years has given me the courage to try my own patterns which have taken the form of yoga bags (see previous posts) and handbags. I need to remember the joy of sewing and the happiness at seeing a pretty finished bag that looks flawless, when either the glue spills on the fabric when fitting into the frame or the tension on the machine plays up for no apparent reason. Sewing maybe a lovely and gorgeous art but it doesn't stop it being frustrating and annoying. At these times it is best to provide me coffee and duck!

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