Tuesday, 28 September 2010

So whats with the Pears Joanna

When i made the decision to restart a blog, i then had to think of a suitable name. My top choices had already gone and i was really really REALLY running out of inspiration. So, as i was currently picking pears off our lovely conference pear tree in the garden, the name evolved. Not an earth shattering name i know, but one that i am actually incredibly happy with. I agree that the blog is looking a bit green at the moment and a bit drab. However my art monkey friend is hopefully designing me a funky banner to jazz it up a bit. Well i should call her my broken art monkey friend due to a knackered back. She is hopefully going to be my published partner in crime as we are FINALLY working on a book together. I say finally, this has been discussed over the years or should i say decadesbut over a few recent yoga trips and drunken nights out we have a plan!
So why the restart of the blog. Well firstly, it keeps me writing, something i enjoy but so often neglect to do. Who knows maybe i will finally get round to editting the book i wrote 2 years ago! Secondly, I am sewing again and have a workshop planned at the local gallery. A completely scary proposition but one i couldnt refuse. They are also holding a ladies evening before Christmas which somehow i seem to be involved in.

My first project to get me back in the swing of it, is a bag for a ball that i am going to in October. I will be wearing a gorgeous green velvet dress that was my mother in laws when she was 18! So 50 years old. Properly vintage and everything!! Any ideas about what kind of bag i should make??

This is the bag i made last time i went to a ball, i called her Morag, she was a thing of beauty.

I am thinking something along the same vein, but obviously not red. But what colour? Should it be velvet if my dress is velvet? Maybe a hand sewn beaded number or even something knitted. Anyway it is good to be back.

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