Thursday, 30 September 2010

zip and oilcloth frenzy

so i dusted off the sewing machine - well actually scrubbed if the truth be told - and placed it on my desk,  found some Cath Kidston oil cloth (because EVERYBODY has this hanging around!) got my little brown bag of purchases made that morning at fabric world and got ready to sew.  Small snag, peddle and power supply missing. In my break from sewing, nearly two years in all, the room that used to be my sewing room has had many different incarnations.  it is now my son's bedroom.  I have moved into his old room which is now my office but with room to be creative!  Somewhere in all of that movement my power and peddle went missing.  As any normal married woman does when faced with such a crisis, I immediately phoned up my husband (currently working in Dublin) and blamed him.  Three arguments later, me shouting, him ignoring my shouts, the power and peddle were found in the box of power cables that he had told me to look in first during the first phonecall.  Have i told him yet that i found it there? Hmm.

So what to make first?  It has to be said i was practically shaking with nerves at the thought of sewing again (the fiasco with the power cable didn't help any).  So i looked through my old blog posts for inspiration and found this one. So that is what i have made, but a sturdier one made from aforementioned oilcloth.  Not bad for my first bit of sewing in two years.

I have had some thoughts for my bag for the ball including using this gorgeous bag frame.


  1. Well done, it looks really good. I have a couple of bags like that that I keep in my handbags, I use it to keep medicines, creams, makeup etc. in. Of course mine aren't as lovely as your homemade version :-) Laura xx P.S. I like the bag frame, very you!


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