Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Are you sure?

You know when you try something again after a long time of not having that something; like a type of biscuit for example? I am a massive biscuit fan, in fact I could write a book about my love of biscuits and what works and what doesn't. Party rings for example don't cut it with me, whereas a bourbon or a custard cream are just pure joy. I tend to fast or feast on a type of biscuit and then give it a break and so when you then return to say, the custard cream you realise how much you enjoy them. The perfection of the creamy centre with the light patterned biscuit is a pure biscuity joy. The bourbon is obviously unmatched for chocolately heaven in the biscuit world, by biscuit world I don't include cookies. They have their own food group in my eyes and it is not one that i enter very often. There is the American imitation of the bourbon biscuit, a wannabe; but that is all the Oreo biscuit will ever be, a bad imitation. To compare the Oreo to the bourbon would be like comparing cool mustard (you know the insipid squeezable yellow gunk that looks and smells like the contents of a newborn's nappy), to the sheer beauty of English mustard. Mustard is not  mustard unless your nose runs seconds after eating it. Mustard should also not be squeezable. It should come in a glass jar and when the contents of this jar come to an end you find  that you are taking an over size knife, scraping around a the glass bottom knowing full well that the last dregs will never be gotten.

 I digress as ever, but my point is this, like an unintentional break from custard creams, I took a break from sewing and blogging. No reason really, 2011 was full of bad stuff that made me disinclined to sew or indeed write about my lack of sewing.

So this week I dug out some of my old bags and thought to myself, you are not bad at this sewing lark Butchart, get your bloody act together. So I did and it feels great. There will hopefully pictures to follow soon and stuff in my shop to buy.

What have you given up and then gone back to and realised, blimey this is lovely?

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