Friday, 7 January 2011

New YEar Bulge

One of the drawbacks of being a WW leader is that i have to not only test my scales but get weighed in regularly with my manager.  It is brilliant in that i stay a healthy weight although it fluctuates a lot as i am a huge lover of food and wine, but not great after Christmas.  Well i put on 6.5 lbs but after my weigh in i have lost 4.5 of them so whoop whoop to me.  It was during this weigh in that i found out that a lot of my admin at home (I am technically self employed) as not been the best.  Not a major problem just paperwork to do before the next tax return.  However i do maintain that creativity and organisation are not a the best of friends.  Well that is my excuse and i am sticking to it.

I did a huge food shop on the way home stocking up with all things gorgeous and healthy including lots of lemons as i have an ice cream maker - from Santa.  The ice cream maker is responsible for the majority of the 6.5lbs and my idea to make Terry's chocolate orange ice cream was not the best move for my waist line.  Although an incredible decision for my taste buds

So in the fruit and veg shop i was stocking up on lemons to make a sorbet, healthy you see.  But of course the natural progression from lemons is gin which made me think about a large G&T this evening.  Well then i got thinking about a gin and tonic sorbet with a hint of lemon.  Genius i hear you cry, but of course the downfall is that alcohol does not freeze.  I think i may have cracked it though so am off to have a try now.  I shall report back and if it works i will share the recipe.  Obviously if it works i will not be sharing any sorbet!!

No progression on the corset though and i was going to get some done today but paperwork, twiglets and now gin and tonic sorbet have taken over.  But a full corset making day on Monday i think.

ps i found the twiglets in the cupboard whilst unpacking the shopping so felt it only wise to eat them.

How are you?

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