Friday, 1 October 2010

Workshop worry

I came to the decision today that i will take part in the Ladies Night at the local gallery but not hold a handbag making workshop.  Although it was a fantastic idea and i was blown away by the proposition, I am not experienced enough to answer peoples' questions or try and solve their sewing problems.  I can get round mine with lots of swearing, unpicking, more swearing and lots of coffee.  i am assuming people will not pay to come and see this.  I feel a big sense of relief since making this decision and can now concentrate on the Ladies night  in November.  I am going to focus on evening bags.  I enjoy the design process behind these, the glam and individuality of them and hopefully it is the right time of year for the orders to come in.

So, in what has been an emotional roller coaster of a day, for lots of other reasons, at least two decisions have been made.  Also, I found a gorgeous bead last night so turned it into a ring.  Pretty hey?

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  1. Ring looks pretty, very you! Bit too glam for me ;-)


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