Monday, 15 November 2010


Well to say that last week was stressful and busy would be the underestimation of the year.  But everything turned out okay.  Martha ( my youngest) chose a particularly bad week to be ill.  Bless her, she had full blown flu and is only 4.

As a weight watchers leader it was big launch week last week, so i was extremely busy with my meetings.  However it was also the Ladies Evening for the gallery and i had promised to bring some goodies.  I decided quite early on that i would just take a sample of each design so that people could then order a custom made bag.  From previous experience, people generally say "oh yes i really love that, but could i have it .."So i got cracking with the sewing last week and managed to knock out a few things.  Photos will follow in the next post (hopefully today) when i have finished cropping them etc as some are going into my folksy shop.  On that note, what do people prefer Etsy or Folksy?  Would i get more traffic if i reopened my Etsy shop?

One thing i did get at the Ladies Evening was a do it yourself Mural kite from here.  Sarah the owner is so lovely.  When Martha and i get round to painting the mural by numbers i will post our progress!

Hope you lovely people are well and i will be back shortly with photos.  First must eat - Tostadas here we come.  Yummy


  1. Glad all the launches went well, sorry I couldn't be there on Saturday. Those mural kits look good, you'll have to post photos when you make a start. Sounds like Friday night went well, photos look very good! Laura xx

  2. Hope Martha is feeling better, it's horrible when they're poorly when they're so little. Sounds like you had a good week even though it was so busy (apart from Martha being ill).

  3. Sorry to hijack your blog but I know MacGirl comments on here so I hope she will see this. I'm unable to comment on her blog as the word verification is missing when you submit the comment and I can't find an email to let her know.

  4. Thankyou, I will have a look and fix it, I think it's the theme. Keep trying to make my own, think I'll be best to just stick to the old boring one! Thanks :-) Sorry Joanna :-)


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