Friday, 19 November 2010


So yesterday was a day at the computer for me.  Adding things to my shop and working on the gallery blog. I had treated myself to some yummy soup by a company called Gorgeous - very tasty and low in fat.  I cannot find a link for them but when i do i shall post it.  The skinny range is beautiful. I then bought a pomegranate to mix in with my Greek yoghurt for pudding.  After i had cut it open i realised how pretty it was so took a photo.

So then as i was browsing around reading all the other lovely blogs that are around, i read Jo's and look what i found.  Although Jo's was more than a pretty picture and i wish i had read it before i tried to eat my fruit. Pins are a good idea.

Added these to my shop today.  Hope you like
cheeky little purse

Funky lining

red rose hair grip

Have a fantastic weekend xxx


  1. After reading yours and Jo's blog I might have to try a pomegranate, a new fruit for me. Plus they're so pretty to photograph! The purse is lovely, very cheeky!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your pomegranate, I certainly enjoyed mine. I love the hair clip, very pretty.


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