Tuesday, 23 November 2010


I have been stressing today about a hospital appointment my daughter Martha has tomorrow at Addenbrooke's hospital in Cambridge.  Not only do i have to work, leaving me only just enough time to get there with her, but it is a 90 minute journey each way and they have informed me of lots of tests that will be run whilst we are there.  So, apart from deciding to eat chocolate, drink tea and ignore housework today in an effort to calm myself I have also decided to make MArtha an apron for Christmas.  She really loves to cook from casseroles to cakes (although can not always taste due to her many allergies).  I have always oggled the lovely fabrics here but today have bought this one.  Lovely dont you think?  If it goes well a link to the shop should come up in my next post. (she says hopefully)


  1. Its a lovely material, martha will love it! Martha will be fine tomorrow, she seems like a very resilient little girl, and you just drink lots of tea! Hope it all goes well, love to see a photo of the apron once it's done! xx

  2. my main worry is getting there on time! BUt thanks Laura. WIll let you know

  3. Gorgeous fabric, just the thing for a little girl. I'm sure the apron will look fab. Hope everything goes ok for Martha at the hospital.


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