Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year

I am getting ready for a big party this afternoon.  Like other parents my days of going out until 4 in the morning have been put on hold for a few years.  But we are having a  house full this afternoon including at least 12 children. Yes i am silently screaming.  But, i did find some time to do a spot of sewing or rather cutting yesterday.

If you remember i bought a corset making kit from the fabulous Julia at sewcurvy.  I meant to take a lovely picture of the  wrapping and all the loveliness within, basically though i was just too anxious to get into it so completely forgot about the photo taking.

The kit itself has everything you need and it looks a quite daunting project.  As Julia said though it is just a lot of straight lines.  my worry is that i will rush everything or be less accurate than is called for. (I am well aware of my own downfalls believe me)

So, I have read the FAQs in the kit at least three times.  I let go of ego when i did the measurements (and luckily there is an FAQ for that as well)  After losing a lot of weight i now generally buy a 12 or a size 10 if the shop is being nice to me.  However in the corset measurements, my measurements are for a size 14.  Now i know this doesn't matter in the slightest but i had to resist the temptation to make a size 12. Actually my waist falls between the two so i will go for the bigger and then shout for Julia's help at the end if needed.

In the FAQ's it has a fantastic bit from a size 8 lady who is having to cut herself out a size 12.  This made me feel better.

So i cut out the pattern pieces, pinned to the fabric, chalked round and CAREFULLY cut out. Writing on the wrong side the pattern number and the correct way up.  I am also planning to faintly draw in sewing lines.  I am very excited by this project though.  The female form in all its shape and sizes is after all a beautiful thing and should be celebrated.

See you in 2011.


  1. Good luck, I wouldn't dare work out my measurements then :-S We expect progress photos of this project!

  2. How exciting. Happy New Year, hope 2011 brings everything you wish for.

  3. You are too kind Jo ;) .. marking in sewing lines is a jolly good idea ... do it! I have noticed that even a millimetre out of 'sync' on a corset can alter the size drastically ...


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