Monday, 11 October 2010

The finished Bag

The Ball is on Saturday, my lovely vintage frock is hanging waiting to be worn, hair appointment booked and the bag is finished!!  Woo hoo.  i love bags made using bag frames, but the fear when it comes to the gluing part is pretty immense.  It can all go hideously wrong at that point and somehow having made the bag out of silk made the process a lot worse.

But i took my time, and limited the caffeine intake and i am really pleased with the result.

The beading is not particularly intricate but i wanted a simple pretty pattern.  I wanted some beading to break up the blackness but not to detract away from the stunning bag clasp.

The photos are not brilliant as i am having severe problems taking good photos at the moment.  Maybe i should hand the photography side of it over to my 7 year old son who managed to make a working radio at the weekend!

I have made the bag very padded to give it some structure.  The green lining is an incredibly thin satin fabric but i loved the colour and i like the shine and the feel of it.  So to add bulk i used heavy interlining for both the outer fabric and the lining.  I have also added darts at the bottom to give it a more rounded shape.  I am pleased with the shape so the pattern will definitely be added to my stash to be used again.

Off to prepare my meetings for work but let me know what you think about the bag.  Happy Monday

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  1. Looks really good Joanna, very impressive. I wish I could be creative and sew, I used to struggle sewing the elastic and ribbons onto my ballet shoes but Mum insisted I do it! Photos are a lot better, I have a spare tripod hanging around if you would like one? Laura xx


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