Friday, 22 October 2010

One of those days.

Have you ever had one of those days when simply getting to the end of it seems even too big a task for Bruce Willis?   For me to wake up in a completely good mood is rare. I like to think that I am a happy, smiley type of person most of the time but it does take a fair amount of caffeine to get me into that state.  But for once, yesterday i woke up smiling.  It was obviously a bad omen. I have to get up early on Wednesdays to load my car for work prior to the school run.  It is also my delivery day for Weight Watchers. So, car loaded, marvellous, coffee made, FANTASTIC. Youngest still asleep? slight timing problem but not a major deal.  WW man arrives with more boxes than will fit in my garage so that  by 7.30am my living room is like a scene from Starsky and Hutch.

 In between all of this, I have nipped upstairs to shout at sleeping beauty and turn computer on. Not only am i working today but i have work to do for the gallery in time for a presentation tomorrow. Then the fun really and TRULY begins

After not so gently reminding my daughter that she has school, i went to check my emails.  Computer frozen completely.  Not to worry i thought, i will just reboot and come back.  The next time i came in the computer was working but the screen looked like an Andy Warhol work of art. So i wracked my brain for every last vestige of technical know how, and put it into action by hitting the computer and turning it off and on three million times.  STILL NOTHING. Now after three years of regular yoga practise one would think that i would be able to draw in deeply, take a few cleansing breathes and radiate calm.  Unfortunately for a  taurean red head, calmness is not a thing that comes naturally and i think that it will be many more years of yoga practise before it does.

Not only did i have figures to get in for WW but also a presentation looming the next day at the gallery.  With Andrew in Saudi Arabia i had no access to a laptop.  SO i did what i do best in any stressful situation, I overreacted, got tearful and shouted a lot - mainly at Andrew because even in Saudi i am sure it was all his fault!

Sometimes when a day starts off so badly, it is best just to go back to bed, obviously i couldn't. So after getting flashed for speeding (not flashed in the mac sense!!) tipping boiling water down my leg, losing a helper at my meeting, I was ready to climb into bed never to be seen again.  However, I managed to make it to my yoga class in the evening and sanity was restored.

As for the presentation at the gallery, I got through it with no notes of any kind.  Lets just say  it is a good job i have a big smile.  How has your week been?

I started this post two days but one of those days ended up turning into one of those weeks.......(i have new computer though)


  1. Ah, one of those days. Yep, I know. And now you do have a new computer, that's fabulous.

    Let's just raise our glasses that the weekend and the next week will be better.

  2. Sometimes you just have to write those days off, wine will always help! Glad it's going better now.


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