Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Daisy Delight

Well the gorgeous bag frame arrived today from Lisa this morning.  So much better than in the picture. I have drawn the pattern, even dug out my protractor to work out angles for the darts at the bottom.  Whilst digging out the protractor i also found lots of lovely beads so may also make some more jewellery and stock up my folksy shop again. I made this necklace whilst watching Downtown Abbey on Sunday night?  Does anybody watch it?  I am very much in love with Hugh Bonneville.  Am i alone in this infatuation?

I was sensible today and tried out the bag pattern on some spare fabric to make sure it works.  It does, so will summon up the courage to cut the silk.  I have decided to hand sew some beading onto the black silk to add a touch more bling.  So i am also being reasonably wise and testing some patterns on scrap fabric.  The Ladies night at the gallery is on th 12th November.  No pressure then!

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  1. Good luck with the bag, I am sure it will go fine. Necklaces look great!
    Laura xx


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