Monday, 25 October 2010

Still no sewing but....

The sewing for the ladies night is not going too well.  Well actually it is not going at all, but i am sure as ever it will all come together in a last minute panic.  I will not be making thousands of bags to sell on the night but more of a selection of styles.  In the past i have found that people generally go "oo yes i really like that but could i have ........." So i think a couple of new styles will suffice.

I went to my first art lecture on Friday night at the gallery and i will be blogging about that soon over here.  It will be a new style of blogging for me.  Rather than just prattling on about life and stuff, the writing will have structure and may even be planned.  Yes please do not fall down in shock!

So i may not have been sewing, or writing and definitely not cleaning but i or should i say we have been walking.

This was the view, or rather part of it, from the top of the tree top path at salcey forest.  Absolutely stunning and if you live within easy driving distance of Northampton it is well worth a visit.  The tea rooms are gorgeous and the walks and scenery breathtaking.


  1. Ooooh, somewhere new for me to visit. I seemed to have exhausted most places round here but that looks beautiful, I'll take my camera and see what photos I can get. Gallery blog is great btw! xx

  2. Gorgeous scenery. I'm enjoying visiting different places for walks since getting my puppy in August, and these crisp autumn days are perfect for a stroll.


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